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The store - Noerrebrogade Copenhagen

Behind the store

Behind the store

Be A wear is a concept shop with some of the most organic clothing brands the world knows.

The attempt not to compromise on ecology and proper working conditions was the starting shot for Be A Wear. After month-long renovations of premises that once housed an old bar, we finally opened our store in July 2017. A little less than a year later, we opened a basement which was quickly filled with several delicious products.

The store is built with the same care for the environment as the products we sell. To name a few things, the dark floor is 100% bamboo, the lamps are made of recycled glass and the paint on the wall is 100% free of harmful chemicals.

Our physical store in Copenhagen is more than just another store in a city ticket. Throughout the store, we have selected ecology and CO2-friendly materials.

In the future, we hope to welcome you to even more concept stores around in Europe
The Products

The Products

Be A wear is a concept store with some of the most well-known organic clothing brands the world knows.

We now have over 20 brands / companies that we buy from, which ranges from hair elastics of organic cotton to jackets made of plastic bottles.

We simply could not resist to dig even deeper into this world, so we decided to dedicate a section in the store to amazing  everyday products. Among other things, soap bars, water bottles, deodorants, creams and even organic sweets came through the eye of the needle! We may have eaten some of it ourselves, but there is also something for sale.

It has been a great learning process about the various certifications that ensure the entire production, from the raw organic materials to dyeing without harmful chemicals to social responsibility and fair working conditions have led to the brands you now see in Be A Wear.

We do not want dangerous and harmful chemicals in our clothes or support unfair or dangerous working conditions. That is why we always make sure that there are these independent third-party certifications and regulations that give you a guarantee for what you buy from us.

The behind Be A Wear

A passionated owner and a dedicated team work at high pressure to give you a great experience in our physical as well as our online store. We want to show you that organic  clothing does not have to be boring or expensive.

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to buy organic clothes - which are also bold and fashionable and in addition are at prices that most people pay for.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Our vision is to help change the traditional clothing industry for the better.