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The suppliers behind Be A Wear



At Melawear, it is very important to create a good working environment for everyone. The same principle always applies in connection with employees and partners.

They always make sure that everyone gets it right and that everyone is treated fairly and properly. At the same time, Melawear pursues very high organic goals: Among other things, they completely abandon the use of conventional cotton and thus produce exclusively organic and more environmentally friendly.
Their target animal goal is to persuade conventional customers to shift their production to an organic and more environmentally friendly alternative. Melawear has been a frontrunner and, among other things, helped to convince a very large international group of their concept and therefore chose to replace their conventional production with organic cotton.

In India, Melawear is helping to improve local living conditions with Fairtrade and GOTS certified textile production. But they also contribute to social environmentally friendly in Germany by using HiPsy gemeinnützige GmbH, which is responsible for logistics. Since 2003, HiPsy gemeinnützige GmbH has employed people with mental illness in Buchholz near Hamburg to get them involved in social life through various programs, e.g. A team has also been set up to handle Melawear's packaging and packaging.

All Melawear products are shipped via DHL Go Green, making them more of a better alternative than regular shipping. By sponsoring climate protection projects, Go Green offsets emissions from the transportation of products.


More Than Fashion is a statement by Spanish Skunkfunk that we can only agree with!
Skunkfunk only uses organic materials, recycled materials and recycled clothing, which helps to reduce potentially usable waste from landfills and recycles it in their production.

The polyester produced exclusively from plastic bottles is transformed into warm, smooth and textured jackets of high quality.

Their nylon originates from fishing nets and is used to produce durable bags and accessories.

One of the many climate-conscious initiatives that have also taken is to have a No-Air policy which means that their products are not transported in the air and thereby save the climate from a lot of unnecessary CO2.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Knowledge Cotton Apparel has decided only to use organic cotton grown in fields without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

An active choice has been made to use only natural fertilizers such as compost and livestock manure. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are banned in organic products and have therefore chosen not to use them.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel mostly buys their organic cotton from Turkey and India. The cotton from India comes from the state-of-the-art organic cotton and Fairtrade project called Chetna Organic.

The collaboration in Chetna is a network of different brands that share the same goal of providing fair organic cotton for their production. The aim is to improve the conditions and benefits for small farmers by making their agricultural systems more environmentally friendly and profitable.

By using Fairtrade-certified organic cotton, Knowledge Cotton Apparel ensures the well-being of farmers and their families with proper payments, reasonable and proper working conditions.

PET is a type of plastic derived from crude oils used in the manufacture of soda bottles. Using recycled PET bottles, Knowledge Cotton Apparel creates recycled PET polyester. The quality of recycled polyester is as good as new polyester - the material is very strong, quick-drying and easy to wash and at the same time retains its shape.


With very high international environmentally friendly standards, which cover the entire Neutral supply chain, the Neutral® business is built with the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria available in clothing production.

Neutral’s® products are made exclusively from 100% organic cotton which is certified by GOTS.
Only biological fertilizers are used in the production of GOTS cotton.
By choosing GOTS cotton, you are helping to create cleaner rivers and groundwater and a nature that is more enriched with biodiversity, in addition, you also ensure that employees are not exposed to the same toxic chemicals that are used in conventional production.


Dedicated has been built on an environmentally conscious concept. Their goal was and continues to be to change an industry that is built on very inhumane conditions and an industry that is filled with the use of toxins and unnecessary use of CO2.
With Dedicated’s Fairtrade-certified cotton, they could better support farmers to improve their working and living conditions.

Each season, Dedicated collaborates with photographers, illustrators and talented artists to create the most unique collections. Something as environmentally friendly as has really been lacking in the environmentally friendly industry.