Concept Zero Glass Straw  

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High quality pure tempered glass (borosilicate glass)
The straws are ISO, LFGB and Eurofins certified
Certified for food grade (Good grade) and for production safety (Good Manufacturing Practices). BPA free, stainless, hypoallergenic, tasteless and contains no chemical additives
The products meet all EU safety requirements for products with food contact
The glass straws are BPA free, stainless, allergy friendly, tasteless and contain no chemical additives
Glass is a hygienic material and no problems have been identified in relation to hygiene and the spread of bacteria
The glass straws are heat resistant
The standard size of the glass straws is 6x215mm
The glass straws are available without color (100% transparent) in the color READY
All colors are transparent
Long shelf life and can be used in the dishwasher. When the glass straws are washed in the dishwasher, bacteria will be removed as with other glass
The custom-made brush (also food grade certified) can also be used to remove any food residue. If they are washed by hand, the use of the specially made brush, soap and warm water is recommended
Concept Zero works actively to reduce the company's environmental impact with innovative and sustainable solutions and they always have a local person at the production site who is environmentally responsible.
Concept Zero always ensures that local labor rights and working environment laws are complied with, also in the production of their products. Among other things, there is no child labor
Also available in a cocktail version
Also available in steel, short or 8mm
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